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Welcome to the home base of science writer Brian Switek. Here you'll find details about his books, his latest articles and videos, and where you can see him enthusing about natural history live. Go ahead. Dig in!

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Descending into a Death Trap: Exploring Natural Trap Cave

This past summer Brian had the honor of joining the first team of paleontologists in 30 years to descend into Wyoming's Natural Trap Cave. The 85-foot-deep hole is full of Ice Age mammals - from false cheetahs to mammoths - but how did they get there? And what can they tell us about the extinction that wiped out North America's megafauna? Come to the November 13th meeting of the Great Basin chapter of the Utah Friends of Paleontology to find out.

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Surviving the Jurassic

We love to imagine visiting lost worlds, but what would it really take to survive in the time of the dinosaurs? For the November 12th continuing education lecture at the Natural History Museum of Utah, Brian will tell you how to find water, gather food, and avoid being eaten by dinosaurs should you ever find yourself stranded in the Jurassic.

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